What is Drop Servicing?

Drop Servicing is an autopilot website where services are sold, “you don’t sell services” and “you don’t do services” but other people do it and you earn money.

You don’t sell services?

Yes you don’t sell services but the affiliates sell services from your drop servicing website. So you don’t have the headache of getting clients, the affiliates will bring clients to your website.

You don’t do Services?

Yes you don’t do services but freelancers will do the services for your drop servicing website’s customers. Means that affiliates marketer will bring customers to your website who needs the service you have showcased on your website, and when the clients submit an order for a service on your website so the freelancers will do their work and will complete their order.

So in simple words Drop Servicing is a website where you showcase some services for example logo designing services, business card designing services, wedding invitation cards designing services etc, and affiliate marketer sell the services from your website and when you receive an order, you forward the order to a freelancer on a freelancing website like fiverr or upwork etc.

The freelancer does the jobs for you on a very small amount, let say you are selling “Video animation ad Service” for 200 dollars and an affiliate made a sale for you, so you pay a small commission to the affiliate let say 50$ and then let say the freelancer is doing this service for you on 50$, so the remaining 100$ is your profit in this one order, so this is how simple is drop servicing online business.

Now let say you have one thousand affiliates on your drop servicing website, and each affiliate is making only 10 sales for you each month, then 1000 X 10 = 10,000 orders in a month, and if your profit margin is only 100$ in each order then 10,000 orders X 100$ = One Million dollars in a month.

Now you can imagine the power of drop servicing online business. Drop Servicing cost you nothing to start but can make you a millionaire in few months.

The only thing is you have to learn this easiest online business and i will be teaching this to you in this drop servicing course step by step.

Right now there will be a lot of questions arising in your mind but don’t worry you will get all your answers in the video lectures. So start watching the videos below one by one and see how simple is this drop servicing business to start without any experience or expertise and without any investment or budget.

Lecture # 01

This is the first lecture of this “Passive Income Drop Servicing Course” This is a very Important Lecture make sure to watch this lecture completely. Learn the “Passive Income power” of Drop Servicing.

Lecture # 02

In this lecture i will show the Drop Servicing website that we will be creating in this course and i will show you how this website will work.

*Disclouser: I only recommend products i would use myself, all opinions expressed here are my own, this post may contain affiliate links meaning that i may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you if you make any purchase through my affiliate links.

Lecture # 03

In this Lecture you will learn how to take Free Domain name, free SSL certificate, Free business email accounts and the best web hosting.

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Lecture # 04

In this Lecture you will learn Web Hosting from Fastcomet, you will learn how to take webhosting, how to take domain, how to install SSL certificate, how to install WordPress and how to create business emails.

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Lecture # 05

In this Lecture I will give you a brief Introduction to WordPress Dashboard, you will learn how easy it will be to create your drop servicing business website with WordPress.

Lecture # 06

Learn how to choose the right niche for your drop servicing business.

Lecture # 07

Learn how to Deal with Freelancers for your drop servicing business website.

Lecture # 08

Now first of all we will do the basic settings of WordPress Dashboard in this lecture and then straightly we will start building our drop servicing website.

I have published this complete “Passive Income Drop Servicing course” of around 57 Lectures on Udemy website. If i upload all the lectures here, it will slow down the performance of my website, and to maintain the fee of Udemy hosting and other cost for producing this course i charge a very small amount for this course.

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And most important thing is i am giving you a 30 days money back guarantee. Means that if you buy this “drop servicing” course, and you watched it but for some reasons you did not like it. So you can send me an email at support@udemycoupon.info within 30 days of enrolling in this course, and i will give you a refund with no question asked. And if i am saying this that’s mean i am sure that you love this course and the valuable life changing contents and ideas in this course.

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Some Important Questions about this Drop Servicing Course

Why should i take this course?

Drop Servicing is an easy, practical and proven method to make money online on your laptop, sitting at home and without the worries of loss, because you don’t need any investment or budget for starting this online drop servicing business.

What skills i need for taking this drop servicing course?

You don’t need any skills or experience for taking this course. I will be teaching you everything from A to Z step by step in this drop servicing course.

How much time i have to give to start this drop servicing business?

You can start this business in your free time. If daily you give only one hour in the evening to this business, so after one month you will be surprise to see the benefits and outcome from this drop servicing business.

How long will it take me to create a drop servicing website?

I have made everything so simple in this course that after completing this course you will be able to create a beautiful, professional and responsive drop servicing website in just one or two hours.

How will I manage if i start receiving too many orders?

Once you start receiving too many orders and you find it difficult to manage it alone, then you can hire staff with you to manage the orders and deal with freelancers. In the end you can turn your this business to a Drop Servicing agency.

How many other students are enrolled in this course?

Thousands of students are already enrolled in this Drop Servicing course. You can see the number of students taking this course in the course landing page.

Can i ask for refund if i did not like the course?

Yes without any hesitation you can ask for a refund if you did not like this drop servicing course. But 2$ will be deducted from your total amount paid as a transaction fee. Suppose you paid 13$ so in the refund you will receive 11$.

How to ask for a refund?

You can ask for a refund within 30 days. Just send me an email at support@quickdropservicing.com

How to take this drop servicing course?

Just click on the button below and it will take you to the landing page of this course on Udemy website. Then click on Buy Now Button and provide the signup details. Once you take this course you will have a lifetime access to this course on Udemy website.

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