Udemy is an online service that allows you to improve your own life through learning and experiences, all completely online and available to you when you have the ability to take the classes. So many different varieties of courses are available, including massage courses. There are different levels of courses from beginner to advanced and expert, so you can choose a great course that will be of interest to you. 

Below are ten top massage courses offered from Udemy, along with a short description of each, including the skill level needed to understand and get the most out of the course. You can also check out Udemy coupons to help you save on your lessons.

10 Top Udemy Massage Courses

1. Swedish Massage: Pro Full Body Treatment
This massage, which is available for those at all levels, requires no prior equipment or knowledge, and is fully accredited. While some components of the course work better with a massage table, you are still able to use materials you already have (such as a bed) to perform the massage properly. The course features detailed explanations in the videos available, and promises that as soon as you complete the fifty-five minute course from Udemy, you will be able to provide a professional feeling massage!

2. Learn to De-Stress Fast with Massage & Positive Self-Talk!
This easy, beginner course is perfect for those who want to learn how to give massages to help either themselves or others easily de-stress and feel positive about their lives. The Udemy course promises to teach you how to maintain a positive, happy composure in stressful environments as well as use massage techniques to help you handle stressful situations.

3. Isla Verde Spa Lomi Lomi Massage Course
If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the Lomi Lomi massage – a wonderful, relaxing style of massage from Hawaii, this is the perfect time for you to learn! This massage is slightly more advanced than other courses, and there are plenty of articles and videos from the instructor to help you learn these amazing techniques.

4. Foot Reflexology Massage – Thai Style!
This foot massage features beginner’s techniques and advanced techniques, and allows you to work at your own pace until you learn them all. The course is fully accredited. In this course, you will learn how to give a proper Thai foot reflexology massage, the techniques needed, and the best way to use your knowledge to help your business or get one going.

5.Massage Made Easy: Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Foot & More
This massage course is perfect for beginners and intermediate levels alike, and is the perfect refresher for those who need a little reminder or want to learn something new. This Udemy course will teach you a variety of different massages, such as Thai massages, Swedish massages, deep tissues massages, just to name a few.

6. Trained Therapists Treatment Course One by Brian Cavill
This massage course is designed for advanced students who are already trained therapists and are looking for some more advanced techniques to add more to their business. This first course from Udemy in a series of courses teaches you how to use massage to help treat injury or pain management.

7. Learn new massage technique Meyobay
This intermediate course is designed to give you a brief refresher as well as some advanced techniques that you can add to your massage repertoire. This short class, at only over thirty minutes, will offer you new and more advanced techniques to add to your practice, as well as teach you dance healing.

8. Learn Chinese Cupping Therapy: Release Muscle Tension Fast
If you’ve ever been intrigued by the idea of Chinese Cupping therapy, you will find yourself truly enjoying this course. This course is made for those of all skill levels, and will teach you how to use Chinese cupping materials to relax muscles, relieve pain and tension, and make you feel refreshed.

9. Geriatric Massage Fundamentals
This advanced level massage therapy course is designed to teach you how to give wonderful, relaxing massages to the elderly. You will learn the proper techniques in this Udemy course and ways to touch and use your massage skills to take away pain and help them feel comfortable and relaxed.

10. Acupressure and Meridian Massage Techniques (CEU)
Acupressure is a massage technique that is perfect for helping with pain relief for a variety of conditions. In this therapy Udemy course, you will learn how to use acupressure to properly give pain relief and relaxation, as well as incorporate Meridian massage techniques into your massage skills.